Bösch Land Rover

One of the largest tuning garages for Land Rover Defenders, Classics and the 90s series in Switzerland.

Bösch, a Land Rover specialist, has a pedigree earned through decades of hard work at the family-owned workshop in Hinwil, Switzerland.
This summer, we wanted to create something special - an advertisement video showcasing the garage in a cinematic manner while capturing one of their products in action.

For me this project was a personal one - Since a very young boy I used to see the Defenders parked outside the garage, always yearning to one day be driving my very own Land Rover.
When I was asked to create a video for the business I was honoured and wanted to make it something special.

Our challenge and solution: 

The garage was our main focus but of course clients won't turn up just because one has a clean looking garage, the craftsmanship also has to be present.
I wanted to showcase an arty side to a garage, in a way that one can see we filmed it not in a studio but at the very location, where they build their masterpieces and yet have the viewer pulled into a new dimension with the help of lighting, sound, props and set design.

Maintaining a cinematic look through the project was key, which I was able to bind with the help of colour grade, giving the project an overall uniform look and therefore combining the nitty gritty garage look with the off roading in the outdoors.
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