Danya is a filmmaker and consultant who's worked with brands such as Burberry, Kjus, and Sony A.

His bold way of operating in the field had him win awards at the London Surf Film Festival and the University of Plymouth. He's also the first person to legally operate a drone on the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Words about Danya from a producer

Danya can be at the other end of the world, but once he gets the go, he's able to drop everything and spend a week shlepping camera equipment around the mountains or zone into 16h days of intense focus in a studio environment.
His energy is noticeable throughout the production. From making coffee for the team or rigging on the side of a wall, his ways of operating are very progressive in the industry.

Danya's Background

Growing up in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Danya is at home working in the harshest winter conditions. He later moved to the UK to study photography, enduring the elements of freezing cold water and hasty winds of the North Atlantic while shooting some of the top surfers in Europe.
Later, he studied film, which led to working on commercial film sets, combining the advertisement industry with the knowledge of the outdoors.
Danya is producing some of the highest quality videos in the sports industry.
The story is key - not just for a film but for brands and companies alike. While studying in Stockholm, Danya picked up brand identity and storytelling.
He consulted for private schools, beauty brands, and tech companies, helping improve visuals, market placement, and sales growth.
Each creative entity has its own ways of finding inspiration.

For Danya, it is immersion: spending two months documenting the social and economic impact of bomb fishing in West Sumatra or driving a Land Rover Defender across Europe to Iceland to get to know the locals of the breathtaking island.
The act of becoming utterly involved in his projects creates an intimacy with the viewer, present throughout all of Danya's work.

For stock footage please contact me  For stock footage please contact me

For stock footage please contact me  For stock footage please contact me